Facilities and tools

Every research topic deserves a high-quality answer. Flanders Hydraulics Research can rely on a wide range of instruments and equipment for this. For a good understanding of the problem and development of solutions we can rely on: 

In addition to the permanent models described below, Flanders Hydraulics Research also designs custom models for specific studies of a particular area.

Depending on the project requirements and in consultation with the customer, we determine the most appropriate combination of measurement techniques, frequency, duration and sensors.

A ship manoeuvring simulator is a physical ship’s bridge with a projected virtual environment. It is designed to teach or to test manoeuvres on waterways or ports with every possible ship type and under various conditions (such as weather or tide).

Flanders Hydraulics Research has three simulators:

For several years now, the Hydrological Information Center (HIC) has a sedimentological laboratory at his disposal. The interest in sediment particles has increased over the years due to the importance of the planning of dredging works, the insurance of harbor access, the discharge behavior of rivers, the flood risk, etc.

We use a variety of commercial software, open source solutions and proprietary programmes and tools for our numerical modelling. Flanders Hydraulics Research has the proper in-house expertise to select the most appropriate tool from the existing portfolio of models for every application.

In September 2016, the Government of Flanders decided to build a new research facility in Ostend with a towing tank and a wave basin (Coastal & Ocean Basin, COB). By 2020, these facilities shall be fully operational.