Sedimentological laboratory


We not only monitor the water levels and discharges on the Flemish waterways, we also study the sediment transport and other physical parameters. We continuously collect water samples at fixed measurement locations or during regular measurement trips which we analyse at our own sedimentological laboratory. The measuring devices used in the field are also calibrated here.

Interest in sediment has steadily increased in the past decade because of the importance for planning dredging works, safeguarding access to ports, the discharge behaviour of rivers and the risk of flooding. Contaminants also easily attach to sediment particles and are carried by the river flow. Based on the unique composition, shape or colour of the particles, we can create a sediment classification. Even when sediment is carried off, we can still trace the origin of the particles.

For an overview of the analyses that we perform and the parameters that we measure, please refer to our ‘Measurement techniques & instruments’.

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