Integraal Plan Bovenzeeschelde. Sub report 18. Effect of the C-alternatives on mud transport

The calibrated mud transport model based on the 3D Scaldis HD model is used to analyse the effects of three potential alternative bathymetries: the C alternatives. This report describes the effects of the C alternatives against a future reference situation (2050REF_C). The focus is on the effects on the mud transport and suspended sediment concentrations in the Upper Sea Scheldt, under 3 different scenarios (boundary conditions), namely A0CN, AminCL and AplusCH. The model results are described in terms of differences between the reference run and the C alternatives. They are presented and interpreted in multiple ways as (1) the relative effect on suspended sediment concentration (ΔSSC), (2) the decomposed sediment transport (advection and tidal pumping), and (3) plots of expected sedimentation and erosion. The results are synthesised in a discussion for each alternative.